Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeling good.

I just started using google calender to log what exercises I do, it's a big help and motivator. I can color code different activities. Walking is red, so I can look at each day of last week and push myself to walk further this week. I had walked over a hundred steps from time to time this year, but up and down and it didn't stay at a hundred. The last 3 days I've walked a hundred steps, I think the first time this year I have 3 consecutive days. It was not that easy but I know it's important so I pushed myself to reach a hundred.

The pain that halted my exercise for a few weeks, maybe 2 months, has gotten less, still some but am happy to be able to be exercising and pushing myself again.

Like I said the google calendar is great, I've started adding little thins that I can do during the day, before work and at work. I've started doing crunches at night before bed. It's so easy to not feel like it and just not do it but consistancy pays off. I keep looking for other exercises to add that will pay off.

I haven't made it to the floor yet other than falling Saturday afternoon, and just being there sitting felt so good stretching my legs out, so i will find a way to get there consistantly.

hang in there and thank you,
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