Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just a quick update

I'm still working on getting a solid, effective routine / schedule together but I haven't figured it out yet. Right now my routine is kind of unorganized but I think right now anything is better than nothing.

Saturday I went to a little flea market and found a chair to exerscise from, just a regular chair (for $2 it was the right price for a start.) I decided that I'm in my wheelchair enough, I need to get out of it when I can. So a portion, as much as possible of my exerscise program will be from a regular chair, not my wheelchair. Sorry, no images / videos yet but hopefully soon.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post an exerscise I do from the chair is kinda like quad presses. (I think) But I've also started exerscising my upper back a little and my right shoulder and my weaker left abs by leaning to my right side and trying to pull myself back with my left lower ab muscles.

Anyway, any feedback / ideas are truly appreciated.
Thank you, Ian

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What should I add to my routine?

Right now I try to walk almost everyday to at least maintain that ability. I wear a afo on my left leg and noting on my right leg, I walk slowly with a walker.

I recently started sitting in a regular chair (just to get out of the wheelchair for a while) and with my feet on the floor push my legs down so it pushes the chair back (not too far to tip over) and I'm hopeing this is strengthening my quads. It remiinds me of the way you'd push yourself on a total gym with your legs.

Since I've been doing that for about a week I have seen improvement in my walking. Maybe if I possted a video it would help for those who want to help me.

I'm at the library and have to go but please leave me your thoughts / comments and ideas so far.

Thank you

My first post

Hi all,

I am starting this blog with the hopes to better myself physically and hopefully to help others. I broke my neck in a diving accident when I was 15, I'm now 33. I use a power wheelchair always.

At first I was completely paralyzed but slowly I started to get movement back. I can walk short distances theraputically with a walker.

I'm working on figuring out how and what exerscises that I can work on to strengthen my muscles and my ability. I have never come near my full potential and I suppose that is my main goal. I don't need to do cart wheels, I just need to do what I can do, which is a lot more than I'm doing now.

I'm thinking of posting videos of what I can and can't do and hope to get feedback / ideas / technices / routines etc etc from anyone interested in reading this and helping out.

Thank you and bye for now.
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