Saturday, January 15, 2011

going pretty good

I've been sticking to my routine pretty steady the last 2 weeks. Squats are going good. I set a goal of standing up by myself. I'm really close but the mental part / safety net of my wife holding my arm is hard to get past. I set my goal for this year, but I think I can accomplish it in a few months or a few weeks, just need to get past the mental.

I did pullups today, I really like working my arms this way and really hope to make more time for it, twice a week would be better than once a week.

I usually walk about 70 steps but had recently set a goal for 100. I reached that goal twice this week, 122 and 140, felt awesome! :-) God rocks all the time.

Thanks for all feedback.



  1. Fantastic Ian, keep up the good fight! Pretty soon you be taking long romantic walks with your wife on the beach.... :))


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