Friday, January 28, 2011

Nice to see progress

Hi all,

I am doing pretty well. The last two weeks have been busy so only got to do squats twice a week, going to plan to do 3 or 4 x this week. I've been keeping track of what I do in a daily planner and that's a big help.

I did stand up myself once:) With zero assistance from anyone, but I did use the bar, but that is fine, that was my goal. But I did it once so I can do it again, eventually I want to stand myself every time. At first I tried with just my right hand on the bar, and I started standing but I started falling to the right because of very weak core muscles. Still looking for that solid effective core exercise to add to my steady arm (pullups) and leg (squats) routiine.

I have been able to continue doing pullups reguarly (5x a week.) My left arm /hand (weaker) I have to always struggle to get my arm up and tight fingers wrapped around the bar, a real struggle sometimes. But yesterday it was pretty easy, got it almost all the way there without using my right hand. My left arm is still weak and stiff but this was a great improvement. So if you keep with it you will be rewarded with progress that will make you smile:)

Thanks everybody!

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